Wednesday MTG Commander

Wednesdays (7/10) - FREE! - Join other Commander players in our gaming area for casual pick-up games. Games for all skill and deck "power" levels. Groups and individuals are welcome along with new players. Very friendly and welcoming MTG community!

MTG Modern Horizons 3 FNM Draft

Friday (7/12) - $20 - Join us for our weekly Magic The Gathering Friday Night Magic event where we are currently drafting Outlaws of Thunder Junction. New to Magic The Gathering and/or the Draft format? Reach out to a member of our team to learn more about free training sessions before the event!

Star Wars Unlimited Constructed Tournament!

Saturdays (7/13) - $10 - Constructed Tournament for Star Wars Unlimited with best of 3 rounds and number of rounds based on number of players! Store demos available!

Pokemon League!

Sunday (7/14) - FREE! - Stop in any time between 1 and 3 to play Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Go, and/or Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the Switch with other Pokemon enthusiast as a part of our Pokemon League! Weekly promos and "Play Packs" available for new and return players! $4 League Event (Standard Constructed Tournament with 3, 30-minute Rounds) from 3-5.

Lorcana Constructed Tournament & League Play!

Sundays (7/14) - $6 - Weekly Lorcana Constructed Tournament beginning at 12:30 with Play going towards League Credit! Best of 3 Rounds with number of rounds determined by number of players. FREE Casual play also available from 12-5.

Lorcana Ursula's Return Championship!

Sunday (7/21) - $25 - TOURNAMENT DETAILS Format: Core (Constructed) Rounds: 50 minutes, best of three games (Top Cut matches are untimed) Structure: Swiss Rounds and possible Top Cut, depending on attendance Limit of 40 Entries Available EVENT CODE WILL BE PROVIDED AFTER PURCHASE for Melee Registration. Compete for Championship Promos, Playmats, Enchanted Cards, Booster Packs, and more!

MTG Bloomburrow Prerelease Sealed

Sunday (7/26 & 7/27) - $35 - Build a 40 Card Sealed Deck from a Bloomburrow Prerelease Kit and compete against others for packs! 1 Pack per win, Minimum of 1 prize pack to all participants, with a bonus pack for going 3-0.